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Cholley Phytocell Cream

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Skin's stem cells have a limited life and they are affected by environmental stress factors. As the skin ages the number and the efficiency of stem cells diminish. To slow the aging process cells have to be protected and fortified.
Luckily, human stem cells exhibit epigenetic factors similar to those of certain rare plants. Hence PHYTO STEM CELLS can be used to supply vital nutrients ( metabolites) to human stem cells and improve their health, strength, and longevity. Modern bio-engineering technology now enables us to grow suspension cultures of these phyto stem cells in bioreactors and extract them through liposomail stuctures. Consequently, CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL PRODUCTS benefit from the highest quality Swiss-origin stem cell cultures.




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Light and luxurious in texture, CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL CREAM pennetrates instantly and boosts the skin's energy for a radiant look and swift recovery from oxidation caused by free radicals. CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL CREAM is very rich is active ingredients including phyto stem cells extracts, vitamins, pollen extract, ceramides, fraction of olive, wheat germ, soybeans and phytosphingosine.
CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL CREAM uses the stem cell extract of Alpin Rose ( Rhododendron ferrugineum), a prized indigenous plant of Switzerland that can cope with extreme conditions of cold, intense solar radiations, and nutrient poor soil. It contains excelent, antioxidants and proteins such as: polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, taxifolin, rhododendrin, and dehyfrins that protect against UV radiation, free radicals extreme stress condition and dehydration.
CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL CREAM amplifies the Anti- Aging and Anti- Oxidant properties of Alpin Rose with the help of other advanced active ingredients in order to:
- Accelerate epidermal regeneration for a stronger and more resilient skin.
- Reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.
- Reinforce skin's barrier function against environmental stress and oxidation by free radicals.
- Impart a fresh and radiant look to the skin


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