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Cholley Phytocell Booster

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Skin's stem cells have a limited life and they are affected by environmental stress factors. As the skin ages the number and the efficiency of stem cells diminish. To slow the aging process cells have to be protected and fortified.
Luckily, human stem cells exhibit epigenetic factors similar to those of certain rare plants. Hence PHYTO STEM CELLS can be used to supply vital nutrients ( metabolites) to human stem cells and improve their health, strength, and longevity. Modern bio-engineering technology now enables us to grow suspension cultures of these phyto stem cells in bioreactors and extract them through liposomail stuctures. Consequently, CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL PRODUCTS benefit from the highest quality Swiss-origin stem cell cultures.




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CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL BOOSTER users the latest advances in bio- engineering for maximum immediate and long term anti- aging benefits, evident by a younger- looking, fresher and lifted appearance. Using a superb delivery system, CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL BOOSTER penetrates immediately and is rich in phyto stem cell extracts and specific ingredients including oligopetdide-5, hyaluronic acid, cyclodextrine, allantoin, and urea.
CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL BOOSTER uses the stem cell extract of Malus Domestica obtained from Uttwiller Spatlauber, a rare variety of apple that grows only in Switzerland. The longevity secret of this apple and its potential Anti- Aging benefits lie in its unusual stem cells.
The anti- wrinkle power of Uttwiler Spautlauber stem cells is enhanced by other anti- aging and skin conditioning active ingredients in CHOLLEY PHYTOCELL BOOSTER in order to:
- Boost the vitality of epidermal stem cells.
- Prevent slackening of the skin and preserve the oval form of the face.
- Reduce the depth and the size of wrinkles by restoring the 3D structural integrity of the epidermis.
In vitro tests have demonstrated that Uttwiler Spatlauber stem cells can increase proliferation effciency of human skin cells by as much as 92%


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