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Cholley Phytobiotech Skin Repair Complex

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CHOLLEY PHYTOBIOTECH Skin Repair Complex Super Premium cream ideal for damaged skin that requires much care and superior ingredients to restore its strength and radiance for:
- Skin Reparing action specific post-surgery and post-acne scars, and overexposure to the sun.
- Calming, anti-redness and anti-puffiness actions
- Hydrating, anti-oxidant and emollient actions




6.325.000 đ
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- Skin repairing action specific post-surgery and post-acne scars, and the effects of photoaging
- Post-stress normalizing action to reduce swelling or redness
- Reinforces the skin’s strength and its natural defenses
- Softens and smooths the skin
- Intense emollient, hydrating, protective action
- Antioxidant action
- Advanced conservation technology with no parabens
Paraben, allergen, and colorant free.
Dermatologically and clinically tested.


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