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Bioregene Lotion

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BIOREGENE® is a specic scientic formula created for dry, sensitive and delicate skins. Using a carefully balanced and rich combination of polypeptides, amino-acids, moisturizing factors, vitamins, and minerals. The products of BIOREGENE® program nourish, moisturize, and improve strength and firmness of your skin.




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A hydrating tonic rich in phyto extracts, moisturizing factors, vitamins, and amino-acids for normal, mixed, and dry skins. It is the ideal companion of BIOREGENE® LAIT for a thorough cleansing program. BIOREGENE® LOTION tones the skin of face, neck, and décolleté by removing residual impurities and optimizing the hydration and the acidity of the epidermis - delivering a perfect 5.5 pH level - for maximum integrity against free radicals and other oxidants. It also serves as an excellent decongestant and soothing product in the treatment of couperose and rough, dry skins.


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