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Bioregene Creme Contour Des Yeux

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BIOREGENE® is a specic scientic formula created for dry, sensitive and delicate skins. Using a carefully balanced and rich combination of polypeptides, amino-acids, moisturizing factors, vitamins, and minerals. The products of BIOREGENE® program nourish, moisturize, and improve strength and firmness of your skin.




2.185.000 đ
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Specifically formulated to repair, reinforce, and hydrate the eye contour area. This is an exquisite cream with a rich, light touch and a gracefully discreet perfume to ensure a maximum wear comfort. Its derma repairing action on the connective tissue hinders the formation of new wrinkles, while its profoundly hydrating and emollient properties diminish the size and the visibility of the existing lines for a softer, smoother, and younger looking eye contour region.


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