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Bioclean Lait

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BIOCLEAN® has proven its efficacy in the treatment of acne and in prevention of acne scars. BIOCLEAN® products deliver excellent results, both in the short-term and in the long-run. They control production and secretion of sebum to prevent formation of pimples and blackheads




1.380.000 đ
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A perfectly balanced purifying and curative milk for oily and impure skins. It penetrates deep into the epidermis to remove oil, dirt and other impurities without excessively drying the epidermis to avoid stimulation of sebaceous glands. BIOCLEAN® LAIT effectively minimizes bacterial presence and beautifully perks up the skin. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids and other sebum-normalizing agents that impart new softness and elasticity to the epidermis.


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