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Methode Cholley C Factor ( Pure Vitamin C )

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CHOLLEY Vitamin C Factor is a revitalizing product with high concentration of Pure Vitamin C. Vitamin C is of primary importance in production of collagen fibers to fortify the skin. It plays a similar role in biosynthesis of polysaccharides, which are the fundamental substances of the connective tissue.
CHOLLEY Vitamin C Factor is very effective for reducing lines and wrinkles, lightening the skin, eliminating pigmentation irregularities & post acne stains, and reducing swelling caused by acne or couperose.




3.170.000 đ
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CHOLLEY C Factor is recommended in the following face and body programs:
- Treatment of couperose
- Firming treatment of face, chin, and neck
- Treatment of acne
- Firming and toning treatment of the body
- Treatment of stretch marks
- Treatment of fragile capillaries and varicose veins


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